What Is Intuitive Art And How Can I Create Intuitively?

What Is Intuitive Art?

As an artist, you know it can be difficult to come up with new drawing and painting ideas. Especially when your well of inspiration has run dry. At times like these, the best way to overcome art block is to create intuitive art.

Intuitive art is the act of tapping into your creative intuition as a means of producing art. By doing so, you’re able to create art in a non-judgemental way that grants you the liberty of experimenting and making mistakes. The goal is to make art without overthinking the creative process.

As a result, the creative process feels more liberating and free-flowing than when you rely on using reference images to create art.

How Do You Make Intuitive Art?

For some artists, intuitive art may seem like an elusive concept.

But it’s actually much simpler to make than you may think.

You learn how to make intuitive art by creating from your heart and tuning into your feelings. Since art is intuitive, you create art spontaneously without a plan. You go with the flow of ideas that naturally come to you because this exercise is all about feeling rather than thinking.

In other words, you switch from the analytical left brain and tap into the creative, intuitive potential of the right brain.

That’s why it’s impossible to make mistakes when you create from your intuition because there are no standards or expectations to adhere to.

A complete piece of intuitive art, created by using blue and pink watercolor paints and black line art. The doodles include birds, mountains, space, planets, geometric shapes, plants, a city skyline, and a heart.

Learn how to create mixed media art (as shown above) by taking Foxsy’s engaging online course Intuitive Art: Loosen Up and Break Creative Block!

The Benefits of Creating Intuitively

Fortunately, artists experience many benefits from tapping into their intuition as their source of creative energy.

For example, some of the best advantages of this exercise include:

  • Drawing and painting more often because you learn not to rely on references.
  • Conquering your fear of the blank page because you’re less afraid to make mistakes.
  • Spending less time relying on inspiration to motivate you.
  • Knowing how to create art even when you’re experiencing art block.
  • Enjoying greater creative and artistic freedom.
  • Learning how to fight perfectionism in art by giving yourself permission not to be perfect.
  • Understanding yourself, your feelings, and your intentions more deeply.
  • Trusting your imagination and not being attached to the final artwork.
  • Finding your voice by exploring your artistic style.

Luckily for you, art intuition can be improved or developed even if you don’t have experience as an intuitive artist.

How Do You Start an Intuitive Painting or Drawing?

There are many intuitive art techniques that can help you render a painting or drawing.

There is no specific way to start an intuitive painting or drawing because there is no order in which to create intuitive art. The best method is to tap into your intuition and then lay down colors, shapes, patterns, or textures in whatever order comes naturally and spontaneously to you.

The biggest takeaway is to create your art in a safe environment that is free of judgment and criticism.

So let loose, don’t overthink the creative process, and have fun making art!

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