Meet The Foxsy Instructors

Meet the wonderful Foxsy instructors who have worked hard to bring you some amazing courses!

Meet Shelby:

Shelby is the co-founder of Foxsy and the creator at Little Coffee Fox. She is a professional watercolorist, letterer, and artist with a passion for teaching others to reintroduce creativity back into their lives. Shelby lives in Chicago, IL with her husband Jon and her pets Summer, Basil, and Korra.


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Meet Erica:

Erica Gilliam is the artist at The Sleepy Pine Studio, a whimsical stationery company. She is a published illustrator that loves to toe the line between nature and magic. Erica loves sharing the enchantment of exploring creativity with her students. You can find her in her home studio in an old Victorian home with her husband, daughter, 2 black cats, and hundreds of houseplants.


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Meet Masha:

Hey! My name is Masha, and I’m so honored to be a Foxsy Instructor. I always felt like I wanted to do something creative, but I never could find what that something should be for me. In 2018, I discovered Bullet Journaling. It turned my world in many ways, but my favorite part was the way it inspired me to try out doodling and lettering and actually work on getting better in all these areas. The biggest secret I learned is that creativity is a muscle; you can learn any skill; you just have to keep working on it. Today I’m helping others to discover that creativity within.


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Meet Miranda:

Hi there! My name is Miranda Balogh. I’m a Canadian artist and educator who loves teaching and inspiring my audience. As a content creator and blogger, my desire is to share educational resources that will help you develop your artistic skills and cultivate a creative mindset. I’ll show you that you don’t need an expensive art education or years of experience to hone your artistic abilities. To succeed, all you need is the desire to learn and the passion to drive your ambition.


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Meet Megha:

Megha Cassandra is a Bangalore-based Watercolor Artist originally from the small town of Rajasthan. She is the founder and Educator at TheArtBug. She is following her dream, and she helps artists explore the talent within through her courses, classes, and creative community. She believes that “Anyone can do Art” so she teaches it in a simple and fun way! She left her job as a college Professor and is now following her passion full time. She has been featured in TOI and Singapore’s Silver Jubilee magazine.


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