Our Favorite Materials for Watercolor Journaling

Watercolor journaling is a fun activity that’s excellent for artistic expression and exploration.

You just need to make sure that you have the necessary watercolor supplies to set you up for success with art journaling.

So, let’s explore Foxsy’s list of favorite watercolor supplies so that you can use our recommendations to expand your watercolor supplies collection.

Watercolor Journal Supplies for Beginners

1. Leuchtturm 1917

This famous journal comes in multiple sizes and colors. You can purchase it in both softcover and hardcover versions.

As well, the paper comes with a convenient dot grid which is perfect for organizational purposes.

However, the paper is not technically watercolor paper. That means it’s not as sturdy as traditional watercolor paper, and it will warp or buckle to some extent.

But it still holds up reasonably well.

2. Archer & Olive

This journal is made of thick watercolor paper that can handle lots of watercolor and ink, as well as other wet mediums.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the paper warping or bleeding when you paint on it.

Additional features include dot grid paper, a back pocket, and a pen loop.

The only drawback is that this journal can be expensive. However, if you consider it an investment, then it’s well worth the price!

3. Rhodia

This journal is specifically for fountain pens, but it works very well with any wet media.

For this reason, the paper is thick and sturdy. It even has a dot grid.

Special features include a velvety smooth cover, a back pocket, and a wide selection of lovely colors.

With its reasonable pricing, the Rhodia journal is an excellent choice for beginners who’re diving into watercolor journaling for the first time.

Watercolor Paint Recommendations

1. Pan Watercolors

There are many benefits of using watercolors in your bullet journal such as the versatility of choosing pans or tube paint.

The best watercolors for absolute beginners are pan watercolors.

Pan paints are also known as cakes, and they need to be activated with water before they can be used.

A great option for beginners is Prang Watercolors because they’re super affordable and easy to use.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated and vibrant, investing in Winsor & Newton’s student grade paint sets is a great option.

There is an image of two sets of watercolor pans. One set has 24 half-pans in a small palette whereas the second set has 36 whole pans in a large palette.

2. Tube Watercolors

Unlike pans, tube paint comes in plastic tubes that you can squeeze into a pan or onto a palette.

Tube watercolors are more vibrant than pan watercolors, and you get more for your money, too.

A wonderful option is to invest in the Sennelier French Watercolors because these paints are highly pigmented, transparent, and of excellent quality.

There is an image of an assortment of watercolor tubes. These paints are recommended for watercolor journaling because they're very pigmented and easy to use.

Watercolor Brushes

1. Round Brushes

When painting with watercolors, you should have an assortment of different brush sizes.

Owning at least one small, medium, and large round brush is recommended.

They’re standard brushes with a wide range of versatility that you can use for detailing, layering, and color mixing.

There is an image of three different sizes of round watercolor brushes. One paintbrush is large, another is medium, and the third is small.

2. Flat Brushes

Flat brushes come in various sizes.

They’re great for covering large areas and for laying down large washes of color.

If you have one small, medium, and large brush of each type, you’ll have an excellent collection to start out with.

There is an image of three different sizes of flat watercolor brushes. The first is large, the second is medium, and the third is small.

How to Get Started with Watercolor Journaling

Once you’ve purchased your watercolor supplies, it’s time to use those materials for watercolor journaling.

So, join your fellow students in the popular course Paint The Page: Dive Into Watercolor Journaling With Confidence!

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