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Watercolor Layering: 5 Tips For Creating Depth, Intensity, And Color

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Layering Is Essential

5 Layering Tips




About Course

One of the most important skills you can learn as a watercolor artist is how to layer your watercolors. Most new watercolorists overlook this essential skill and end up frustrated with their work because it doesn’t turn out the way they expected. The truth is, watercolor is meant to be layered – like, a lot.

If you try to create a painting with only a few layers, you will end up with something that is flat and lacks contrast or visual complexity. Layering adds immense depth, color intensity, and deep contrast that you can’t get any other way with this medium.

This course will walk you through the basic steps to layering, as well as my five best tips for layering effectively and two projects that focus on layering.

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What to learn?

Watercolor paper Large paintbrush Watercolor paint Masking tape

Material Includes

  • What layering is and why it’s important
  • How to layer watercolors
  • 5 tips for layering effectively
  • 2 paint-along projects utilizing layering


  • None


  • Art board
  • 2 jars of water
  • Cotton rag
  • Paper towels
  • Heat tool


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Shelby is the co-founder of Foxsy and the creator at Little Coffee Fox. She is a professional watercolorist, letterer, and artist with a passion for teaching others to reintroduce creativity…

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8 months ago
My first dip in watercolor and it was a great adventure! I have learned a lot!
8 months ago
An incredibly useful course. If you use watercolour, but don\'t know how to layer, you will thank yourself for taking this course. I didn\'t know how to layer - so my paintings always disappointed me with their strange muddy colors and \"flaking\" or \"peeling\" paper - because I would rub so hard to get a more vivid color! This course has completely changed my watercolor techniques/knowledge. I have to agree with the other reviewers, a more practical project would be nice if it could be added.
I enjoyed this course. I found it informative and relaxing. Even though I already knew the basics of layering, this course brought my understanding to a new level. The tips and videos that were presented were very helpful. I like to have complete knowlege about a topic before attempting the techniques myself, and this course provided that. Although the course only took me one day to complete, I do have some ideas now on how to incorporate these techniques into my own artwork. One thing I missed in this course was completing a project or two like the firefly.
9 months ago
This was helpful for me. I appreciated the demonstrations and the parts where I could paint along the most. The chatting was helpful, but the demos were my favorite. I would have loved to paint along with something like the firefly as another practical application.
9 months ago
Loved this course. I would have liked to see some other ways in which layering would be used/some other practical uses instead of just how to layer. It was a great beginner course and have me a ton of understanding of how to layer colors, but I would have liked to have some different hands on examples as to when layering would be used.

Material Includes

  • What layering is and why it’s important
  • How to layer watercolors
  • 5 tips for layering effectively
  • 2 paint-along projects utilizing layering