Roll For Inspiration: A Dice Drawing Creative Exercise

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49 minutes

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It can be tough to come up with ideas for your art. Sometimes you can’t think of anything at all, while other times you might feel like you need something new and fresh to push your creative boundaries. Enter Roll for Inspiration!

This fun, easy, and adaptable dice drawing game is the perfect way to explore new themes, styles, and subjects in your art. The random tables can help you come up with all kinds of unorthodox ideas that could become your next masterpiece.

In this course, I’ll show you how this dice drawing game works and how it can help you create something incredible. From the first steps all the way to the final piece, I’ll walk you through using the tables, tweaking them to fit your needs, and using references to help you grow. You’ll also get to see me take a fresh idea from start to finish.

So grab your sketchbook and roll the dice to see how this inventive game can help you explore a new world of art!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use dice tables to create random prompts
  • How to customize your own dice tables
  • How to use references to explore your art
  • How to take a prompt from idea to finished piece

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencil
  • Standard set of 7 polyhedral dice
  • Roll for Inspiration dice tables (included)
  • Drawing pens (optional)
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Watercolors (optional)
  • Markers (optional)
  • Any of your favorite art supplies


In this course, you’ll learn how to use dice tables to come up with unique and exciting drawing prompts. Paint along with instructor Shelby Abrahamsen as she demonstrates how to complete this exercise from start to finish:

This course is part of the Watercolor Academy

What’s In The Course?

  • 6 Videos
  • Demonstration
  • Self-Paced

Course Level: Beginner
Run Time: 49 minutes

Meet Your Instructor:

Shelby Abrahamsen

Blogger at

Course Content

How It Works
Customize Your Tables
My Process

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Avatar Susan Countess
Posted 10 months ago
Fun Idea

Interesting concept. Would be a fun parlor game. Watching Shelby sketch was a bit too slow for me. Good info on copyrite & plagarism. I simulated a round & came up with watercolor+monkey+fly and had 2 or 3 ideas. But I can't draw; so executing the ideas would mean finding Google images and stitching them together digitally (I'm rather good at that - yay CorelDRAW) to make a copyable graphic.

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Avatar Darian Carson
Posted 11 months ago
Surprisingly Interesting/Useful

I didn't hold out much hope for this class because I thought it was a silly concept but I was wrong. Shelby did a good job of selling the whole idea and also demonstrating it with an amazing drawing. I see how I can use the dice to roll for inspiration. I see how I can use the prompts to get started when I am stuck. Bonus: information about using reference images--where to look, what to search for

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Posted 2 years ago
My review

the concept is great and i get it. just would have like to see more hands on examples so i can learn more about drawing. but yes drawing can be a freez at times trying figure what is my next draw. this is a great way to challenge ones self and stay inspiered.

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Avatar Shananigans
Posted 2 years ago
My review

good fit; I like the idea of the game/randomness/building personal reference library... I do need to customize the tables for myself, I think.

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