Ready to become the Watercolor artist of your dreams?

Raise your hand if…

You’re Lost

Every time you sit down to paint, you feel out of sorts.
You need help finding your bearing.

You’re Frustrated

Nothing you paint ever turns out the way you imagined.
You need to find a better way.

You’re Afraid

You’re terrified of wasting your supplies, so you never practice.
You need to conquer your creative fears.

You’re Alone

No one around you shares your creative passion.
You need to find your people.

You’re Confused

There’s too much information and you’re overwhelmed.
You need clear information and a forward plan.

You’re Stuck

This creative block has hung around for long enough.
You need a hand getting out of your rut.

Inside the Bundle

Common Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

A little bit of both! The classes are all pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want.

However, the 12-week curriculum guides you through the courses you need to become proficient at watercolors.

You don’t need to stick to the 12-week schedule if that doesn’t suit you, but it’s there if you prefer a more structured approach. You get to decide what path is right for you!

Yes indeed! If you decide the Watercolor Academy doesn’t fit your needs, then you can take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Just cancel your membership from your student dashboard and contact us at [email protected] for your refund.

If you don’t want to deal with paying a monthly or annual membership, you can choose a Lifetime Membership for a simple one-time upfront fee.

Once you’re a Lifetime Member, you have guaranteed access to everything Foxsy offers now and forever. That means all future courses, Academies, live classes — everything. The Lifetime Membership is your golden ticket to unlimited creative growth, and you’ll always have a seat at the Foxsy table.

Once you enroll in Foxsy, you lock in your membership rate. What does that mean?

That means your rate stays the same no matter how Foxsy’s rates might change. If prices go up, you still pay the same rate you signed up with.

If you cancel your membership and re-enroll at another time, you lose access to your original rate and must enroll with the current price.

You will need a basic set of watercolor paints, watercolor paper, paint brushes, and a few other miscellaneous items like jars and rags.

Don’t worry — we’ll cover materials first thing in Section 1 so you can figure out the specifics before you dive into the rest of the Academy.

At Foxsy, we want to see you grow beyond your wildest dreams, and we believe that human-to-human connection is a staple to making this happen.

After you complete a class project, you’ll have the opportunity to submit photos of your work through the course interface, along with any thoughts or questions you might have.

From there, a Foxsy team member will take a look and write back with words of encouragement, pointers, and further suggestions to help you continue along your journey.

We want to help you along every step of the way, which is why we offer unlimited creative support.

If you’re ever stuck or need help on your journey, our team of creative pros are available to answer any questions you may have.

You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. However, canceling your membership will mean you lose access to all the Foxsy resources at the end of your billing period. And if you cancel your membership, you will lose whatever rate you locked in when you first enrolled.

For example, if you enrolled during the Early Adopter period, you locked in your discounted rate. If you were to cancel and try to re-enroll later, you would not have access to the Early Adopter rates any longer.

At this time, the Watercolor Academy is the only Academy available. However, we are hard at work building new Academies to launch in 2023 — namely the Hand Lettering Academy and the Creative Journaling Academy.

All Foxsy students will continue to gain access to more amazing resources as they are released without paying an extra cent.