(Optional) Submit Project For Review

Want feedback on your project?

You can privately submit your work so a member of the Foxsy creative team can give you personalized feedback on all the things you did right and any pointers to help you improve.

Don’t worry, all feedback is given with care and thoughtfulness. We’re here to build you up, not tear you down!

Here are some tips for photographing a project for review:

  1. Make sure your art is well lit and easy to see. Natural light is best for this, so consider taking your photo near a window.
  2. You can use your smartphone to take your photo.
  3. Hold the camera above your art and shoot the camera straight down.
  4. You can edit your photo if you wish, but make sure not to apply any heavy filters that would make it difficult to see the original art.

Once you have your photo, just submit it via the “Submit Assignment” button below

You can also ask specific questions that you’d like feedback on in the box provided.

If there is a specific area or detail you’d like feedback on, you can take a closer photo and submit it as well. You can submit up to two images.